We are dedicated to the growth and success of our flight education students by providing them with ample opportunities and resources. The Ohio State Flight Education aircraft fleet is supplemented with the following simulators, which allow students to get realistic flight experience without leaving the ground. 

Frasca Reconfigurable Training Device

A student and instructor use a flight simulator.

Our two FRASCA Reconfigurable Training Devices (RTDs) are able to simulate aircraft models ranging from the Censsa 172 (the classic flight training aircraft) to the Piper Seminole (twin engine light aircraft). The physical construction of this simulator is created to have the same in-cockpit-feel, including knobs and switches in the correct positions and realistic aerodynamics. The graphics are portrayed onto three Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) flat screens within FRASCA CGI technology. Instructors have a tablet-controled interface allowing them to change the environment (weather, temperature and more) and induce simulated failures.

Frasca Truflight Flight Training Device


The Frasca Truflight simulator aims to provide students with a realistic learning environment. It is equipped with a flight deck matching the standard Cessna 172 trainer, a fiberglass shell similar to a single-engine cockpit and a broad visual display with landscape and sky views. The accompanying software and flight controls are configured to provide realistic feedback to maximize transfer of learning from the simulator to an aircraft. Instructors can setup flights with specific inputs for each lesson based on students’ levels of learning.


"I am so glad I attended OSU’s Flight Program. I was able to attend a large public university with many resources, but also have a tight-knit major of aviation students, making the instruction personalized and top-notch."
– – Mark Reese, '17, BS Aviation
image of Mark Reese